My name is Jacalyn Lopez Garcia, i am a Universal Life Force energy healer/a Mexica Tepati and owner of Goldie’s Farm Artist Retreat & Spiritual Healing Center located in Salton City, CA and Rancho Tepati located in Mead Valley, CA. operates as a collective group of a diverse holistic practitioners. At Goldie’s Farm and Rancho Tepati we focus on promoting a mission that involves sharing and raising awareness about the role Universal Life Force energy, holistic medicine, herbal plant medicine and diverse art disciplines can play in healing our mind/body/spirit.

It is with tremendous pride that we each commit to educating others about our highly-trained dedicated artists and healers. Our intention focuses on creating a fun-loving, spiritual sanctuary for our patrons at our locations and/or at the practitioner’s private locations.

Collectively, and individually, we provide information about who were are, what we do, and how we help encourage others to participate in a variety of healing sessions, special events, classes and/or workshops that are tailored to awaken and inspire inner creativity, mindfulness and wellness.

Jacalyn Lopez Garcia aka “Goldie”
ULF Energy Healer/Mexica Tepati &
Herbal Plant Medicine Infusions Specialist 
Phone: (760) 501-8774

Jacalyn Lopez Garcia / ULF Mexica-Tepati (energy healer)
Crystal Sound Baths/Vibrational Sound Therapy – Reiki Distance Tuning Fork Sessions – Mexica Oracle Readings – Espiritual Limpias – Ayevedic Specialties & Herbal Medicinal Plant Infusions Specialist

Renae Valde/ WHOLE-listic Body Wellness
Holistic Practitioner – Medical Massage – Cranial – Polarity – Reiki – Reflexology

Crystal Rose
Magnet Therapy – Reiki Practitioner & Gem Stones Healing

Saul Villicana
Evolutionary Astrology / Reiki Energy Healer

Angelica Trujillo
TRU Self Awakening Studio
Reiki energy healing, beauty care, specialty boutique & more

Isabel’s Naturals
Superfood+Organic Skincare+Aroma Therapy+Workshops+Tonics_Elixirs+Organic Concessions

GOLDIESFARM.COM is a privately owned enterprise that focuses on attracting individuals, artists and healers from other parts of the state and the country to enjoy the opportunities available at this on-site location for the purpose of healing the mind/body/spirit. Activites scheduled may involve and are not limited to: creating art, holding workshops and/or offering healing sessions for personal and/or group events. In the Spring 2024, Goldie’s Farm relocates and merges with Rancho Tepati. At this new location all services will resume as an Artist Retreat & Spiritual Healing Center.
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If you are interested in exploring the benefits of traditional Mexica remedies & Mexica Ayurvedic medicine send a message to Jacalyn. She will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a 1-on-1 or group session.